Home Bar Ideas and Themes

Home Bar Ideas and Themes

Looking for a few home bar ideas to get your new home bar space to really pop or to create a unique retreat right within your own home for a bit of fun and entertainment? Then consider one of the many home bar themes that you can choose from to give your home bar a very specific look, while still fitting into the rest of your home’s decor.

Home Bar Ideas and Themes

Here are a few different home bar themes that you can consider when you are planning out your home bar décor. These home bar ideas can be as basic or as elaborate as you want them to be, depending on where the bar is located within your home, how extensively you are looking to carry out a particular theme, and what your budget entails.

Home bar themes:

Sports bar – One very popular home bar theme is to create a sports bar within your home. This can easily be done by setting up your bar within close proximity to a TV (a big screen is great!) and you can also find a few home bar ideas to add to the look and feel of your home sports bar, such as team related home bar signs, or even just specific colors that depict your favorite team.

Irish pub - Need a home bar theme that’s easy to do but really sets the mood of your bar quickly? Then set up your bar to look like an Irish pub or an old tavern. All you really need to do is to get yourself a couple of bar signs or a few other home bar accessories that evoke that pub feel and you’re done. There are other more elaborate home bar ideas that you can implement as well, depending on how far you want to take your theme, and you can consider adding a beer tap, adding a shelf full of beer steins or adding a few custom touches here and there.

Vacation paradise – One of the best home bar ideas for outdoor bars is to evoke the vacation paradise of your dreams. Home bar themes that work well for outdoor use include themes such as tropical tiki bars, Mexican cantinas, and straw “huts” where you would expect every drink consumed to have a colorful little umbrella included!

Martini bar – Looking for more upscale and elegant home bar themes? Then consider creating a martini bar or wine bar, in rich elegant colors or a sleek and contemporary design. You can include a display of interesting glasses to add to the theme or have cocktail napkins that coordinate with your theme. This is one of the most popular home bar ideas for bars that are being placed in living rooms and family rooms, rather than in basements or rec rooms, because it is one of the few home bar themes that can coordinate with a more modern and contemporary interior home design.

There are numerous home bar themes that you can choose from when designing your bar. The type of theme you use, or whether you use a theme at all, will depend on your likes and dislikes, where your bar is located and how elaborate you are looking to decorate your bar space. Home bar ideas don’t have to be over the top and don’t have to make your home bar look like it’s out of a party catalog – you can select various aspects of the themes to provide a hint of the mood you’re trying to create or just use the general themes as jumping off points to give you a few home bar ideas for how to decorate or accessorize the space if you’re at a loss for what to do.