Types of Home Bar Furniture

Types of Home Bar Furniture

So, the bar is all set up but now you need to add the finishing touches to really make the space the central entertaining spot in your home or the romantic and cozy getaway where you plan on relaxing at day's end with your spouse or a close friend or two. After deciding on what type and style of home bar you want, the next big decision to make is what type of home bar furniture you are going to add to complete the space. There are many types of home bar furniture, including tables, stools, chairs and more, and deciding what types and styles of furniture you need will help you to complete the design of your custom home bar.

Home Bar Stools:

One of the most popular types of home bar furniture is bar stools.  These can be pulled up against the bar and can provide a convenient place to sit when you’re in the mood to have a drink at the bar, but this specific type of home bar furniture is also an important component of creating the decorative style of your home bar.  You can choose bar stools that are high or low, that have high backs or are backless, that swivel or remain stationary, and that are made from a wide variety of materials, such as metal, wood, leather, and even plastic.  If you plan on having other types of home bar furniture in close proximity to the bar and the accompanying stools, you will probably want to coordinate the style of the stools with the other pieces of home bar furniture.

Bar Tables:

Another very popular type of home bar furniture is bar tables.  These tables can be large or small and can be tall with bar-height stools or can be regular table height.  Bar tables can be pub-style, with tall tables and a few matching stools that sit nearby your bar, or you can opt for more romantic small bistro tables with a pair of matching chairs tucked into a cozy space.  These types of home bar furniture have become so popular in recent years that they are not only used to enhance home bar décor, but are used throughout the home in many other locations, such as kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, and even outside as well.

Game Tables:

Game tables are a type of home bar furniture that are a bit more specific to only certain types of bars and adjacent spaces, but often go hand-in-hand with building a home bar.  This line of home bar furniture includes items such as poker tables or other types of card tables, smaller tables with tops geared to a game of checkers or chess, or side tables intended to go in a billiards room. 

Chairs and Benches:

Most people think of bar height stools when they think of seating for a home bar, but another often overlooked type of home bar furniture are side chairs and benches.  Set up a pair of comfy arm chairs to create the perfect place to relax with a drink or to create a conversational area.  Add a few benches or even an ottoman to create extra seating space without taking up too much space in front of the bar if you typically entertain a lot of people around the bar and want some extra low profile seating options.

There are many types of home bar furniture to choose from when setting up your home bar and what you choose will depend a lot on the amount of space you have to work with, as well as the decorative style you are hoping to evoke.