Outdoor Built-In Twin Tap Mobile Kegerator Stainless Steel With Lock - Right Hinge


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  • The Outdoor Built-In Twin Tap Mobile Kegerator Stainless Steel With (MO24BTSM) makes it easy to bring the party favors right to the guests, whether it's indoors or out on the patio. This kegerator offers quick cooling, easy tapping, and innovative technology that make it easy to use. Its stainless steel finish looks great in any setting, complementing its stainless steel tower. Smooth rolling casters let you easily transport and position this unit wherever you need it for easy access in most any setting. It features a Dynamic Cooling Technology that quickly lowers keg temps and integrated controls to adjust temperatures from 34 degrees to 46 degrees. A Low Boy coupler makes it easier to store, tap and swap out tall barrels. This door also includes a close door assistant feature that softly and automatically closes the door as well as a integrated lock for added keg security. If for some reason the door remains open, audio and visual alarms alert you to protect food and kegs. This unit also comes complete with a twin tap for pouring 2 beers or other beverages, double insulated stainless steel tower, drain pan and hose, 5 lb. CO2 tank, connectors, regulator, and interior floor shield. It also includes stainless steel shelves to use for conversion to a standard refrigerator. Use it to store or dispense half kegs, tall quarter kegs, pony kegs, sixth barrels, Cornelius kegs, growlers, bottles, or cans.Construction: Steel construction with steel shelving, stainless steel finish, and double insulated stainless steel tower.Versatile use: This kegerator comes complete with removable shelving to convert it into a standard refrigerator and can hold a variety of keg styles and sizes.Other features: This unit includes smooth rolling casters, digital controls, door ajar alarms, auto close door with lock, low boy coupler, twin tap, and integrated drain system.
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Warranty: 1 Year
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